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Every girl has a dream growing up whether it’s to be a doctor, a teacher, a model, or even a
hairstylist. I didn’t always dream to become a hairstylist, but it was a talent I possessed at a
young age. I learned to French braid around the age of 10 and shortly after, I began styling my
own hair.
I was a junior in high school when I decided to venture out and do my friends’ and classmates’
hair. In high school doing hair was a side hustle and hobby I enjoyed. I would charge my peers
$25-$30 for sew-ins and quick weaves. When I graduated from high school, I still had no long-
term aspirations to become a hairstylist. I enrolled into Hinds Community College, but I
continued to do hair from my apartment because it became a great source of income as my
clientele grew.
When I discovered the passion I had in making my clients feel beautiful, I decided to work in a
salon. The moment I started working in salon, my clientele grew rapidly and that was the first
time I made a thousand dollars in one week. This is when I started to dream of doing hair. My
dreams grew bigger every day and I began to aspire to own my own hair salon and one day, a
store front. I fell in love with my dreams and made them a reality and a lifestyle. I began to
focus on building my brand, Hair Affair. It took me about three years to find the right affair for
women who love hair. I finally landed on my top grade, VIP bundles. Now my dream is to make
every woman look like they’re living the dream through their beauty and hair.

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